Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Dip

We are still looking for that Pixie dip. My uncle suggested Calico Dip from Calico Ghost Town might be similar. In addition, Knott’s Berry Farm has a few dip mixes and one might be similar. Excellent suggestions.

I have decided to quit MySpace. It just was not for me. I was not looking for long lost friends or relatives there and frankly, I am not sure I want any of that finding me. MySpace had too much teenage drama and bored housewives. Besides, I have this.

I was wondering, if I quit MySpace, could people still use the internet to track me down? Turned out, yes they can. Also, by googling myself, I found these.

Apparently, I am related to these people. I recognize a few of them. I have not seen any of them in years and years.

This picture is my Grandma on her 80th birthday. I did not even know she was still with us. I had thought she had passed on several years ago. The things you learn on the internet. (I would like to thank my cousin Brian for unknowingly allowing me to borrow these pictures from his website.)

Christmas Wish Day 11
If you cannot love yourself, you have no chance to love another person. -Matthew Ford


  1. 80 that is great, looks like she had a lot of her family there with her. I thought she had passed some time ago, but good for her. Is that resent? Because as I recall they were both quite a bit older then my parents. My dad is 78 and he looks great for his age, he still golfs and bowls and staying active keeps him young.
    I know your Grandpa Spinuzzi passed away several years ago. They both had health issues over the years but she must have some great great grandchildren.

  2. I am not sure how recent that is. I stole it from Brian's website. There was no date. I knew Grandpa had passed on in 1998. Brian had told me then. But I had though she had passed away shortly after, maybe like 2 or three years later. That could be an old picture. It does look like she had a lot of people there with her. I saw them last when Carolynn was about 8 months when my Aunt Angela was living out near Adelanto.


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