Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Apparently, the previous post confused some of you. Let me clear it up.

The people in those pictures are The Spinuzzi Family. I am in fact a Spinuzzi. My brother Joe is also a Spinuzzi. My mom and dad are DeBar’s. So is my sister Sarah. My Grandpa is a Zibell. He is my mom’s father.

If you followed all that, you may have figured that my dad (married to my mom) is in reality, my step dad and my sister Sarah, is my half sister. However, I do not think of them like that at all, usually just refer to them as my Dad and my sister, and intend to continue.

I have not had much contact with my Spinuzzi relatives since I was little, though I have memories of them from that time. I have no ill will toward any of them. I simply do not know them. In the picture in the previous post, I recognize many of the faces but can name for sure only a few.

I simply borrowed those pictures from my cousin’s website that I found by accident. They have no date. They could very well be older pictures and Grandma may have gone to heaven since then. I am going to attempt to find out, however, like I said, I do not know these people.

My only contact with my Spinuzzi side is my half sister Nikki. She has the same father, but she has always lived with her mom and she does not seem familiar with them either. I have not seen her since she was about two, though we have e-mailed. Ironically enough, we found each other through MySpace, which I am still quitting.

I hope that covers all of your questions.


  1. I did not have any questions, but thanks for the run down of the family tree. Quite a few monkeys in that tree I would say. I was just wondering the date of the picture because I thought she was some what older then my dad. I guess I could be wrong about that. She has seven children and I am pretty sure all seven are in the picture, so good for her that they all got together for their mothers birthday no matter when that was. I would think she is still with us or perhaps Brian would have mentioned that on his web page. Her oldest son Sam must be at least in his 60's since he was quite a few years older then your dad. So I would think Mrs. Spinuzzi would be pushing 90. I do not have issues with any of the folks in the picture, like you said I have not had any contact with them in well over twenty years. You know the little guy in "Home Alone" reminded me of your Grandpa Spinuzzi.

  2. Yup, If I gave that tree a good shake a few nuts would certainly fall. However, I wan't clearing it up for you. I figured you knew. I am still going to find out if she is still with us. I would guess that yes she is because it seems like Brian would have mentioned that on there somewhere.


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