Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Final Saturday Of 2007

Today we are getting the house cleaned up. We are having a bit of a get together on Monday night. Tomorrow we are going to the movies with Aunt Paveena. We are seeing Enchanted. Therefore, we will not have time to clean tomorrow. Monday I have to work in the morning, so I will not have time then either. We are cleaning and watching my Simpson’s DVD’s. Catherine is not cleaning. I just do not get what is so hard about cleaning your room. I know I am not exactly a tidy person, but when my mom said clean your room, I did it (out of fear usually… I did not want to be grounded or have my stuff taken away or anything.) Catherine has no fear and does not care. I have already taken away most of her stuff. She did not care. She colored on herself with marker instead. She will not be joining us at the movies tomorrow. Maybe that will teach her. Carolynn is making chicken fried steak. It is her specialty.


  1. Well Sarah is not real big on cleaning her room.....maybe when she has her own home she will keep it all tidy. I would like to have the time to spend cleaning the house and taking care of the yard but I am always busy doing something, or working.

  2. Your house isn't exactly filthy or anything. Mine isn't the tidiest either, but I only get a few spare days a month to clean it and she won't even pick up her toys. I guess it would not be so bad if she had her own room, but they share and it isn't fair to Carolynn who does all her chores to have to deal with Catherine's mess.


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