Thursday, December 13, 2007

He Knows If You Are Sleeping

What a day. I am tired. I had a million things to do. The Christmas party at work was great. I have to say Boston Market did a fabulous job. The brought it in on time, set it up, brought utensils, plates, and serving spoons. They even brought salt and pepper and honey and butter for the rolls. They even had a tablecloth. The food was excellent. One of our customers brought us a Yule Log cake. It is on my kitchen table now because we had pie from Boston Market and no one ate any. I am sure the girls will shove it down. After work, we went shopping and I only have one more present to buy. If my sister were not such a pain in the butt, I would be done. However, I have not found anything I like for her yet. After I find something for her, all I have to do if finish my baking and I am done.


  1. She is a pain in the butt, but pretty easy to buy for. An Itunes card is always used, she down loads music and videos and even movies on that darn thing. She takes a couple of classes at VVC and they offten go to Starbucks after school so a Starbucks card would be good.
    Alyssa is the same, I am an old lady and she is 14 so we do not like the same things. I like Brooks and Dunn and she likes the Plain White T's. But she does like PJs and Starbucks and going to the movies and eating fast food and of course Myspace. So I found stuff for her.
    Funny when you and the girls are here we always find things to do and we always have a good time. We have a pretty diverse group of people we range from 8 to 78 and we have kids, teenagers, and old folks, four generations, and no drama. I hate drama

  2. I got Alyssa covered. We will have a good time that's for sure. Catherine will show us her fist and Grandpa can tell us a joke about the castle and we will all laugh.

  3. That was pretty funny when he said that about the "white castle". You know some times kids and old folks say the darndest things. And little things make them happy, Catherine was happy to have her cow blanket and grandpa was thrilled with his CD with the Pahrump song.
    Then we get to experience new things, we have been to see Wicked, and we have visited Helen and George at thier Beagle/Bird farm. Who could forget the closet kitchen bathroom? That was classic....yes life is good.

  4. we got our christmas card today. thank you bunches!!!!!!


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