Saturday, December 08, 2007

Run, Run Rudolph

Today was busy. I had errands to run in the morning. I am working on my final for my online class. (I am writing what could be a documentary on toy fads.) In my quest, I heard from Jo Anna at work, that Webkinz were the hottest new toy fad. She told me a store we sell baskets to, Queen Eileen’s, has these. Therefore, the girls and I went to Encinitas to see for ourselves. First, I have never been to Encinitas before. What a cute little town! It was absolutely the most picture perfect little seaside village. Queen Eileen’s was the funniest store. It was just jam packed full of fun gifts and beachy stuff. They also had jewelry and some clothes and they make gift baskets and balloon bouquets too. They had the Webkinz. Denise, she works at Queen Eileen’s, explained how they work. It is like a small stuffed animal (think Beanie Baby) and you buy it, take it home, and go online. It comes with a code and you register it and play. The girls have been playing all night. They each got two. Carolynn got a frog and a pug and Catherine got a cow and a pig. They also got Webkinz bookmarks that unlocked online books for them to read with their pets. They are so cute.

After our adventure to Encinitas, we picked up some groceries because we decided to make a little Hanukkah dinner. We made potato pancakes. They were good. We also did some cleaning, got our Christmas cards out, sent out some gifts, and watched TV. I also finished my book club book. If anyone needs to borrow my copy, I will lend it. However, it has a few tear marks there at the end. It was very short, took no time to read, and was a good Christmas story.

Oh yes, and the ball bouncer was back this morning. I hope his parents buy him indoor toys for Christmas.

Christmas Wish Day 8
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  1. Well sounds like a great adventure, they have some pretty cool toys out these days. Well I am working on getting things done around here. It has been cold and windy today but so far no snow..we have not had any snow in a long time. I don't think Apple Valley snow is anything like Vermont snow, but it would be kind of nice to see a few snow flakes to put us into the Christmas mood.

  2. I can't believe you had never heard of Webkinz. My kids can't get enough of them and they're at the top of their xmas lists. Good, clean, kid fun.

  3. E-Mail us up your kids online ID's so they can play together. I guess I needed to get with the times.

  4. I'll get right on that. I forgot to ask them earlier and they are in bed now.


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