Friday, January 04, 2008

Change and Adventure

2008 will be a year of change. It will be an adventure. My parents and my Grandpa are moving to Pahrump, Nevada. My sister may be getting married. Her boyfriend has joined the Army, so who knows what may happen. Everyone is getting older. The kids are all growing up. There will be some big changes here too. However, now is not the time to make all of them public. (Some of you already know.) In June, I will finish my AA in Communications: Radio and Television. Welcome to the year of adventure and change!

Today I made a chicken stew that was delicious. I made it up myself too, using ideas I got from hours of watching the Food Network.

My sister was here for a few days. I did not even kill her. It is nice to have visitors. It is nice when they go home too. She and her boyfriend Chris were fine, but it is different when there are extra folks in your already small and cramped apartment.

The kids still have another week of vacation. They have been playing Webkinz and Wii.

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  1. Well it will be a year of changes, I am taking them one at a time. First we need to get my Dad's mobile home sold and get him out of there. I do not like him being alone so much. I am going to try and take one on line class at Cal State for my Masters in Social Work. I do not want to bite off more then I can chew right now. Sarah will take some on line classes at VVC because you can sign on from anywhere. She needs only two more Child Development classes for her AA. Having at least an AA does open a lot more doors, in the job market.
    And I want to get my dad to join some of the senior activity's here in Apple Valley they play cards and they have other activitys too. I am looking forward to the changes.


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