Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Don't Do Mornings!

Check out Carolynn's Ocean View to find out why Carolynn made me get up at 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday.

Click Here!

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  1. Well that is a great reason to get up early on a Saturday, good for Carolynn. I spent the last two days with my dad 6:30 is sleeping in for him.
    Well there was no traffic coming home for Stateline AKA Primm Navada it was windy and cold but now we are home and it is windy and cold. The football was good the Patriots won, there was a lot of Chargers fans but it was fun. As far as casinos go, we will not be going back to Primm. They did not have a lot of the cool penny machines that my dad likes, and we went to all three casinos there. The casinos all smell smokey and the slots were very stingy. We all voted Pala as a way better casino choice. Even the little casino's in Pahrump are much nicer then Primm and it is not that much farther. Pala is by far the best, it is not as far away, they always hook us up with a free room and it is nice and very clean with a huge bathroom. The buffet is good or the valley View is right down the road and they have a great buffet. They have lots of cool slots and a big nice non-smoking section. The pool is nice and you and the girls are just a few minutes from there.


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