Saturday, January 19, 2008

Keebler Kids Marathon Mile

Today I woke up early and I ran a mile marathon. I was about the 10th person to cross the finish line. I got a medal and a shirt. I ran through Legoland. It looked cool in Legoland. There was a lot of cool stuff in there. After the marathon we to McDonald's and I got a McGriddle. Then we went shopping at Stater Bros.

This is me getting my number for the marathon.

This is where we were lining up.

This is where I waited for the race to start.

This is the start line. I am ready to begin!

This is where I ran.

This is me getting to the finish line.

This is me after and was breathing really, really hard. And I have my medal.

This is me and mom. Mom didn't run in the race. I would of had to wait her if she did.

This is me eating my victory breakfast, a McGriddle.


  1. Well, way to go Carolynn what a great job. The tenth person is very very good. You ran a mile I would be breathing really really hard if I walked a mile. What an excellent runner you are, way better the Forrest Gump........

    Love ya Grandma

  2. Great job Carolynn! I love you and miss you.Love,Grandpa...


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