Thursday, January 17, 2008

NASCAR- Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks

It looks like my mom and I will be attending the NASCAR Races with my mom’s cousin at the end of February. It will be a heck of an adventure. I have no idea what all the details are yet, but it is going to be fun. I do not know much about NASCAR and the only one I know is Lightning McQueen… Nevertheless, other people we know enjoy the races so we can check it out. My Grandma is going to be at the races on Sunday. We can see her there. I learned today that her favorite driver is #48 Jimmie Johnson. Helen loves NASCAR too. My mom think’s she remembers seeing the #20 around Helen’s house. I did a Google search, and learned #20 is Tony Stewart. I think my friend Cari and her family enjoy the NASCAR stuff and I am positive my friend Heather’s husband is a NASCAR enthusiast. I do not know who their favorites are, but if they let me know and I happen to see them, I will take a picture or something. I learned from this NASCAR website that there are 43 drivers. I also learned that Jimmie Johnson is the #1 racer so far. The #2 racer is #24 Jeff Gordon. I learned from my Grandma that Jeff Gordon is the owner of the car Jimmie Johnson races. I also learned from her that Jimmie Johnson is from right near her in El Cajon, CA. I am just a wealth of NASCAR knowledge. It is amazing what a person can learn online or from Grandma.

Just so you know the rest of the top NASCAR racers…

3. Clint Bowyer (#7)
4. Matt Kenseth (#17)
5. Kyle Busch (#5)


  1. Nascar is one of the few sporting events the hubby doesn't care for and it's not my cup of tea either, but I hope you have tons of fun. :)

  2. ken used to be a big mark martin fan, he was number 6 and then 01 i think, but i am pretty sure he is done now. he is kinda leaning to ryan newman now...he is number 12 have fun at your race!!!!

  3. Well when we were at Helen's house I asked her but I can not remember what she said...I sometimes suffer from CRS...But I remember it was orange and I think number 20. I will call and ask her so we know for sure. You know her Son Todd lives in North Carolina and works for DEI, something to do with craftsmen trucks. He has a car and races on the local track there. NASCAR is huge in North Carolina. Remember when we went to Nashville lots of folks walking around sporting thier "driver" stuff.
    Shari said we do not have to be ushers we can just come and hang out, we can go all three days or just when ever we want. I thought Grandma would be going all three days, she stays at a motel near the track and goes with a friend. Mike talked to her and she said it would be great to see us there.
    We are on the list, we just need to show ID's and pick up our passes, and they are good for all three days, so Shari said do not lose them. Janice and her family will be there and Gloria and Aaron. I hope we can get some good pictures and stuff for our friends that are fans.

  4. At our house the TV is tuned to sports all the time. We get NFL channels, MLB channels, college basketball, and even golf. NASCAR is not something we normally tune in to see every week. But since we have the chance to go to the Races for free and hang out with some family members we do not get to see much, it will be a lot of fun. A new adventure, some of my very best friends are rednecks.......NASCAR folks sure seem to be very loyal to "thier drivers"

  5. glenn is a big mark martin fan but since he's headed to play in the sand, i don't think he'll be watching any time soon. i used to be a HUGE jeff gordon fan but don't have time to pee anymore, let alone watch tv! i hope you have a blast! we've been to the daytona 500 and the brickyard 400 and they were both a blast!!!


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