Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen- Edition 15

Yesterday's high was 108 degrees. Aren't we glad we moved from the perfect weather of San Diego to the desert?

Thirteen Ways To Keep Cool

1. Home Air Conditioning- Ours doesn't seem to be working right. I can set it to 50 degrees and the air blowing never gets any cooler. I am going to call on that tomorrow.
2. Car Air Conditioning- Mine doesn't work. I took it to the dealership, they said they fixed it, it worked for a day, and now it doesn't work. They better fix it or someone owes me $171.00.
3. Water Bottles- We've gone through 3 cases in a week and a half.
4. Cold Washcloth- I keep mine in the freezer.
5. Ice Cream- My refrigerator was delivered today, so tomorrow I intend to get some. 6. Electric Fans- We have one in my livingroom, one in Catherine's room and a ceiling fan in my room. We need more fans.
7. Cold Showers- Our water heater was broken until yesterday, so we took a few of those.
8. Pools- There is a public pool nearby, the girls' aunts have a pool at their house, and we have a wading pool in the back yard.
9. Shopping- Well, if you have the money. If you have the willpower, you can shop for things you may want to purchase in the future and enjoy the free air conditioning in the stores.
10. Sprinklers- We have some in the front yard, but the yard is too crappy right now. This may work next summer though.
11. Getting Naked- This will only work if you are home alone. However, the cats and the turtle may never be the same.
12. Ice Cubes- Carolynn sucks them, we put them in drinks and in the cats water dish.
13. Watching Christmas Movies- Sing Jingle Bells, watch White Christmas, and psych yourself out.


  1. No a/c in the desert??? Holy cow! But, it's a dry heat, right?? Heheh.

  2. I'm a warm weather kinda gal. I'd work on getting cooler then to get warm. Great list. Happy TT

  3. Nope... then I called today and they said maybe it was frozen. Frozen? Are you kidding me? They told me to change the filter and call back tomorrow.

  4. Wow! 108. It's not that hot here in Maryland but its hot enough. Your 13 came in handy. Try to stay cool :)

  5. I was a funny t-shirt in palm springs that had a skeleton laying in the desert next to cactus....and it said but it is dry heat!

  6. I think it is hot just about everywhere. We saw a ball game from Texas and it was over a 100 degrees and humid too. Great weather for iced tea......

  7. Ugh, no A/C? I once went thru a 3 day heat wave of 109 with no A/C in a house build in 1920 so it didn't even have modern insultation...I ate lots of popsicles to keep cool.

  8. This is probably going to sound weird. I filled a thin sock with uncooked rice and knotted the end, then put it in another thin sock and knotted that too. I keep it in the freezer and put it on my neck when I'm especially hot. It cools me down quickly and is very refreshing.

  9. Those are some good ideas. I like the icecream one, especially the icecream one!! Nice TT!!

  10. Mmm. Ice cream...

    We've been hanging out in our local community park. The hot days don't seem nearly so hot over there, in the shade, with a slight breeze...

    Stay cool and have a great TT!


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