Monday, August 04, 2008

Back To School

The kids start school this morning. Catherine will be in the fourth grade and Carolynn will be joining the 7th grade. Here are some pictures of them in their new school clothes.

Carolynn's 7th grade outfit.

Let's get going.

Catherine in her back to school outfit

Catherine is ready for 4th grade.


  1. I hope they both make lots of new friends and they like their teachers. They both look real cute with their new outfits.

  2. I can't believe school is starting already. Our kids have another 3 weeks.

  3. Your grandkids are lucky to have such a long summer, but just when your kids are settling into back to school, my kids will be on fall break. :)

  4. They both look wonderful! They also look very happy to be heading off to school. I hope they meet lots of friends.

  5. They look wonderful. What happened to going back to school after labor day. That's what we used to do.


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