Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Things To Do On Tuesday

Today I did many things. First, I went to see my dad. He was having some computer trouble. I do not know who the Jepsen’s are, but their network was interfering with his. I met their housekeeper Linda, who is very nice. She cleans along with her headphones on and does a great job. Grandpa and Joe had gone golfing this morning, but they returned quickly after a mix up at one golf course and a crowd at another. I took Grandpa out to run his errands and Joe bought us lunch at Taco Bell. After lunch, Joe and I hung out with our dad until the dryer delivery people came. Then we went home. Joe is hoping for a boy too. Nephew sounds good to me.

This afternoon they finally decided to give David some hours at McDonald’s. They hired him over a week ago, sent him to training, gave him a uniform and he got his food handlers card. Then no hours. So tomorrow, he actually starts working. I have no news on my job hunt today. I got back my scores on a county test I took so maybe they will be hiring soon.

Tomorrow is Carolynn’s school open house. It will be fun to check out her classes with her and meet her friends and teachers.

I did not make it over to the track today so Carolynn and I walked about ¾ mile around the neighborhood. I took my 3lb weights, but I think they are too light. I think I will switch to my 5lb weights tomorrow.

My mom called to inform me that she was planning a trip to Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas this September. She invited the girls and me to tag along. If I am available, I would love to go. If not, the girls can go and they can have a fun adventure.


  1. Good that David is getting some hours, maybe they will give him more after he learns the job.
    Linda is very nice, she does a great job and she doesn't seem to mind the dogs or grandpa getting in her way now and then.
    The dryer works great....My dad gave me the full report when I got home.

  2. Of course you have to get the grandpa report. He likes to have someone to talk to and he he really only has stories about what he does. That is what we did today. We went to Wal-Mart, ate a burrito, almost golfed, got a new dryer, saw the housekeeper, watched a ball game... You know, Grandpa stuff.

  3. He watches a lot of ballgames, yesterday's Red Sox game was a good one ended up 19 to 17 It was a long game, hope they were not waiting for the fireworks show in Boston......

  4. Are the girl liking their new school? I hope you get to go on vacation but I also hope you get a job. Good luck


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