Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday 13- Edition 20

Thirteen Olympic Events I Like To Watch

1. Gymnastics
2. Synchronized Diving
3. Diving
4. Beach Volleyball
5. Swimming
6. Basketball
7. Rhythmic Gymnastics
8. Trampoline
9. Synchronized Swimming
10. Track and Field
11. Tennis
12. Triathlon
13. Rowing


  1. they have a lot of different events don't they? I guess most people are watching the swimming at this point.

  2. I have just been loving it! I can't wait every night to watch the next event. We love the swimming and I'm a little Michael Phelps nuts. He swims again tonight. It's also nice to have something on TV I want to watch. This summer there has been nothing on. I did you widget on the medal count from you blog. Great find.

  3. I'm absolutely loving the Olympics!! I'm with you on the list, but they really have that one?? Kinda cool!! Happy TT!!

  4. I'm not real big on the volleyball, but I love all the rest of these.

  5. It's funny, but during non-Olympic years, I could care less about half of the Olympic sports...but just let the games begin and there are certain events I can't miss!! Great list! Happy TT!

  6. I never thought to watch synchornized diving before... until I turned on the channel right in the middle of it. I was FASCINATED! I think I'll have to watch more of this! I LOVE gymnastics and never get to see enough of it. Creative list! Thanks for stoppin by my TT :)

  7. i love watching the gymnastics, swimming, diving, track and synchronized swimming. i don't watch sports regularly but come olympics time and i'm all over it!

  8. LOVE the Olympics! I cannot seem to get enough!

  9. If it's on I'm watching from beginning to end --- except last night I fell asleep on the couch, darn that 6:00am walking my husband and I do. Nice TT


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