Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Edition 25

This Sunday our little Catherine will be turning 9. Tomorrow she is having a little get together. In honor of her big day, here are thirteen things about Catherine.

1. Catherine loves cows.
2. Catherine has a dog named Elvis.
3. Catherine was born in San Diego.
4. Catherine loves to play Webkinz.
5. Catherine needs to wear glasses to see.
6. Catherine is in the 4th grade.
7. Catherine's favorite color this week is orange.
8. Catherine has the stinkiest feet of any kid in the world. Just don't tell her I said so.
9. Catherine runs home from the bus everyday because she won't use the bathroom at school. We don't know why.
10. Catherine is in the GATE program at school. (GATE= Gifted and Talented Education)
11. Catherine is a candy ninja. If there is candy, she will eat it.
12. Catherine loves Beverley Cleary books.
13. Catherine is the coolest 9 year old in the world. At least I think so.


  1. Happy Birthday to Catherine!!

    San Diego is a great city to have been born in!!

    That's funny that she won't use the bathroom at school. Poor kid though. She must get pretty uncomfortable at times.

    I love candy too! If it's around I have to eat it!

  2. Well she is the coolest nine year old I know. I do not like to use public restrooms.....but I work 9 hours a day and drink a lot of ice tea....Happy Birthday Catherine

  3. What a nice tribute to your daughter. I am glad my daughter isn't the only one with a favorite for a week! LOL

  4. I don't care for public bathrooms either. But when I have to go...

    Catherine is pretty cool... if only she would clean her room.

  5. Last week her favorite color was magenta

  6. Happy Birthday Catherine!!

    You should see my kids in public bathrooms. If they're the kind with the auto-flush, it's not happening no matter how bad they have to go.

  7. Catherine had a bad experience with "auto flush" when we were in Nashville......I guess she never really got over it.....

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHERINE!!!!!!! when did these kids all get so grown up????? my baby boy is going to be 8 before i know it and i am not sure how that happened!

  9. #8 is funny! Happy Birthday Catherine.


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