Monday, October 27, 2008

Go Taylor!

Today we went to Taylor’s water polo match. They did not win this week either, but they played a great game. Taylor scored five goals. The games were more exciting this week even though they did not win. Next Monday will be his last home game of the season. Swimming does not start until spring and he will join that team too. He is a fast swimmer. Carolynn will be running track and field in spring too, so we will have to check out many sports in the spring.

After the match, we went to a place called The Pizza Factory. Taylor’s team was holding a fundraiser there. We went with him, Sherri and some other friends. There were many kids packed in this little pizza joint. The pizza was pretty good. They had some good breadsticks too. There were sports on plenty of TV’s… Monday night football, World Series action, American Gladiators… I cannot believe they were still playing that baseball game in that much rain. It was so muddy. I guess they stopped it eventually and will continue later. Carolynn and Taylor were making fun of the American Gladiators. I do not know what they were saying but it was apparently hilarious.

I am trying very hard to stay cheery, but as each day goes by and I am still jobless and David is still basically jobless I cannot help but sit and worry. Okay, so McDonald’s employs David but it is so erratic that you cannot count on it. Some weeks he works a lot, some weeks he does not work at all. Employers are cutting back because of the economy. They have budget cuts and hiring freezes. It is frustrating. David was supposed to start working for Verizon, but the person who hired him is not returning his calls. He took the drug test and filled out that paperwork weeks ago. I do not know what is up with that. I am just so sick of being jobless. We have been here 4 months. I am scared I will not get a job and Christmas will suck. I know, it is not the presents that make Christmas, but people who say that have money to buy presents. Adults will understand, it is the kids I worry about. I have to stop worrying. I need to try to relax.

Tomorrow I am taking Gibby to get fixed. I was supposed to take him at the beginning of the month, but they did not have room for him then. Luckily, the animal shelter does it for cheap so I do not have to worry about a huge expense. I never did figure out who sent him the Cowboys jersey. However, feel free to send anymore Gibby clothes you want. He looks so cute in them and it will be cold here soon.

I am half way through my art class and this week I started a philosophy class. It’s not very fun and I hate it, but it is a short one so I am sure I will make it.

That is all for today. Perhaps tomorrow I will have amazing news about new jobs! I can hope.

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