Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Today my grandpa turned 79 years old. He is spending the day at one of his favorite places, Pala. This is a picture of my grandpa and his mom. My mom is working on a great video about Grandpa, but since she has taken him to Pala, you will have to wait a few days on that. We've got a ton of pictures.

The girls went back to school today. They were off for two whole weeks for their fall break. David is at work at McDonald's. He should be starting at Verizon soon. He also has another appointment at Target tomorrow. I had an interview today too. It was at a drug testing facility.

I made a cherry pie. Okay, I bought it at the store and put it in the oven. Sara Lee made the pie. It was so good. Tomorrow we are having pot roast. It should be fabulous.


  1. I love old pictures. This is a great one. Good luck with all your interviews. Times are hard. My 19 year old started at a grocery store last week. He hadn't work since July. It really hard to get any kind of job.

  2. Well we are home from the famous Pala. I will get started on that video as soon as I get a few moments. We had a good time and we went to Monday night football and that was cool, we won some cool prizes.


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