Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seasons Change

And I like it a lot. San Diego is famous for having the best weather in the world because it is a nice temperature all year around. You can wear sandals and capris all the time. You do not need a coat. Here, fall has arrived. It is cooler during the day and cold at night. It has been windy and chilly. We had to get out some sweatshirts and long sleeved shirts. That was when we discovered we would need more. I am looking forward to being able to use our fireplace. We don’t get a huge array of fall color here, so maybe we will have to go somewhere else one of these days to do some leaf peeping. It is apple pie weather too. I need to get some pie. We have been making many soups too. Yesterday my mom made beef noodle soup. It was good.

We are not doing too much today. It is chilly, but not as windy. My parents and Grandpa went to Pala to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday. He will be 79 on Monday. Next year, when he turns 80, we should have like a huge party. 80 is a big number and a huge milestone. I bet I will think of something. I better get planning. I only have a year…


  1. Your June 2008 peace globe has been placed in The Peace Globe Gallery.
    You are officially peace globe #1056.
    BlogBlast For Peace ~ November 6, 2008 is going to be awesome! Please spread the word on your blog. Hope to see you there.

  2. happy birthday to your Grandpa!

    It's slowly tryingto ease into fall here. The leaves are changing but the weather is still adjusting. It usually doesn't settle into cooler until late October. Right now, one day it will be in the 60s and the next the 80s.

  3. We were moving gradually into Fall when all at once Winter slapped us in the face. It was literally 80 degrees one week and 30 degrees with snow the next. It's supposed to warm back up to Fall in the next couple days. Better weather just in time for me to make my trip to see the doctor. Hurray!!

  4. I have a feeling your cold in nothing compared to our cold! Last weekend it was 80 here in Michigan. I think that is the last of it. Today it's already getting colder as the day goes on.

    I'm sure you will go someplace, have a big party or both for you grandpa's 80th. It will be fun plus something to blog about.

  5. I love the fall, the cooler weather, is nice. But Tammy is right we will not have a winter like she does. We got snow in Apple Valley one time and it stayed on the ground for a couple of was kind of nice.


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