Friday, October 10, 2008

Looking Up

My job at the pet store did not work out. It is somewhat sad really. I enjoyed learning about fish and other pets. I met many interesting people. We made a pretty fish blanket for one of the girls who works there and is expecting. If it were not for my job there, I probably would not have my Gibby dog. In addition, I made a little extra money. Therefore, it all worked out. I am trying to be more positive. Everything happens for a reason. At least I hope so…

Anyway, on more good news, it looks like David’s days working for McDonald’s are numbered. He is going to be working for Verizon. The job is full time, pays more and does not involve burger flipping. He already did the interviews and we drove to St. Bernadine’s for the drug test. We are just waiting for them to get the results. (We know he will be drug free of course.) He also has had a lot of contact with Target. They had him come in today and he has to go back again on Tuesday. (If he hasn’t already started at Verizon.)

Tomorrow is the Apple Valley 20 Year Celebration. We plan to go to check it out. I also plan to go to help my mom make her video of Grandpa. That should be good. We have a million Grandpa pictures.

Today I made chicken noodle soup for dinner. I made it with homemade noodles. It was a hit. It is the right weather for soup. It is chilly and windy.


  1. You made your own noodles? I've never done that, is it hard to do? I know I love the noodles in Cracker Barrels chicken noodle soup and I think they are homemade.

  2. Grandpa really liked the homemade noodles. My mom used to make noodles and My grandma used to make them before her.

  3. Noodles are easy to make. Just flour, egg, and salt. And they taste so good.


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