Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thirteen things I Did In Las Vagas

1.We went to the pool.
2.We went to the Excalibur.
3.We went to New York-New York.
4.We went to the M&M World.
5.We went to the Coca Cola Store.
6.We went to the Circus Circus.(It sucked)
7.We went to the Mandalay Bay hotel.
8.We went to The Hotel.
9.We went to Raffles.
10.We went to the buffet at Excalibur.
11.We went to the candy store in Excalibur.
12.We went to the Krispy Kream.
13.We went to Shark Reef.


  1. I liked the Sharks. They were cool.

  2. Sounds like you had fun in Vegas. I've only been to Vegas when I was on my way someplace else, never just to visit and see the sights.

  3. I liked the Sharks too, we did win a few prizes at circus circus but it is kind of old and run down. I am glad we stayed at the Mandalay Bay, it was much nicer.

  4. Mandalay Bay has the best pool ever.

  5. Sounds like an awesome time. Too bad about Circus Circus.


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