Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday 13 #5

13 Things I Ate In Las Vegas

1. Ice Cream at the buffet at Excalibur
2. Cheesecake at the buffet at Excalibur
3. Lemon Meringue Pie at the buffet at Excalibur
4. Orange Chicken at the buffet at Excalibur
5. Donuts from the Krispy Kreame in Excalibur
6. McGriddle from the McDonald's in Excalibur
7. Egg Salad Sandwich from Greenburg's Deli in New York New York
8. Sour Flush (Sour Candy Plungers dipped in Sour Powder in a toilet shaped container) from the candy shop in Excalibur
9. Whatever Great Grandpa was having for breakfast... eggs, ham, toast and hash browns at the cafe at Mandalay Bay
10. Fruit in the middle of the night from Starbuck's in Mandalay Bay (It was the only thing open)
11. Margarita's by the Beach at Mandalay Bay
12. Club Sandwich leftover from mom's lunch from the cafe in Mandalay Bay
13. Shrimp Cocktail at the buffet at Excalibur


  1. Greenburg's Deli was so good. I had a Reuben and it was yummy.

  2. Ooooo! Food! I leave to try new places to eat. Sounds like you found the dessert bar at the buffet. =)

  3. Greenburg's deli has the best egg salad ever......also the corned beef and the chicken soup are pretty darned good as well.

  4. You totally made me hungry and I have nothing good to eat in my house.

    I like your new blog design too. :)


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