Monday, November 10, 2008


I hate it that a holiday falls in the middle of the week this week. It just seems so silly. The kids went to school today, but have tomorrow off. Why not just go for the four day or move the holiday to Monday and call it a three day?

Carolynn’s friends are here again. This time it is a sleepover. They are soooo giggly. I wonder how well I will sleep with them right next store. I doubt there will be much sleeping at this sleepover. Mikhala’s mom said next time it will be their house.

As always, I spent the day looking for jobs. I had an interview this morning. It went well, I think. Of course, I always think that and I am still unemployed. We shall see. I was told I would know by Friday. I was supposed to hear from the interview I went to on Friday today, but I did not. I will have to call them tomorrow and see what the deal is. Maybe they were busy or still deciding. On the other hand, maybe they did not pick me. I hate it when I do not know.

Our pork roast burritos turned out so good yesterday that we had the leftovers for dinner today. Carolynn and her friends loved them and didn’t mind them two nights in a row.

It is late. My Gibby and I are off to bed. For a small dog, he takes up a lot of space. If I give him his own blanket, it is not too bad though. I think he just gets cold.

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