Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran’s Day

There were not many new jobs because of the holiday. I called the job from the interview on Friday, but their offices were closed. I have another interview tomorrow. Carolynn and her friends are playing Rock Band. I am considering moving to Timbuktu just to not have to hear them anymore.

I went out to the garage to go to the Winco and drop David off at work. The McDonald’s he works at is across the street from the Winco. I try to do as much as I can on every trip out to minimize gas usage. Today I am really conserving gas because the car would not start. I am almost positive the battery is dead. I do not know how that happened. My only guess is that Carolynn and her friends went out to the car last night to get some CD. Maybe they left the lights on or something. Whatever happened, cars do not start without the battery. David took the bus to work. I was not even sure the busses would be running since it is a holiday. We called to confirm. I called to see if my brother would help, but he is asleep. Nicole said she would come and see if we could fix it up later this afternoon. There is one good thing about living near family; someone might be available to help you with something.

I swear, with my life, if it is not one thing, it is another. I have a job interview tomorrow. How will I get there if my car is broken? Seriously, my life is a downward spiral. I should break out a Simple Plan CD, some black eyeliner, and a box of tissues. Oh wait; here is the box of tissues… I guess I am on the right track.

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