Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Super Nicole To The Rescue

Nicole came over this afternoon and brought a charger thing to get my battery going again. We hooked it up and a few hours later, the car is all better. Nicole came back in the evening, even though the car was better by then. She was going to come back and bring jumper cables if the charger thing did not work. It worked, but Allison got all upset because she thought she was going to come over. Therefore, Nicole brought her anyway. She played a game with Catherine and David and played with Catherine in her room. Joe stopped by before he went to work. He works near here. We packed him a to-go dinner to take with him. I made chicken strips and cheesy rice. Joe has a mouth full of new braces. It was a little funny.

Carolynn’s friends went home. They had a fun time.

Tomorrow I have a job interview. I am hopeful.


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