Friday, November 21, 2008

Hey Santa!

Dear Santa,

I know it is a little early in the year to be writing to you, but I want to get it in before the big rush. I have been a very good girl this year. I ate all my veggies. However, I have been having a rough year. It would be really cool if for Christmas I could have a job. It is really all I want. However, if you are feeling generous, I could use few other things. World peace would be great. A new toaster would be super too. I discovered ours broke this morning. Only one side toasts, and that side only toasts one side of the bread. How about a washer and dryer? That would be awesome. While you are at it, could you end world hunger and hand out some universal healthcare?

The girls would like some stuff too. They have been pretty good this year too. Carolynn would like some collectable Barbies and some jeans. She has been working very hard to read more books and she has made some new friends. She would also like Animal Crossing for Wii. Catherine would like some Polly Pockets. She got all A’s and made the honor roll. She is getting better at doing chores. She would also like some Ramona books and High School Musical 2 on DVD.

If you were feeling extra generous, David would like some books or some clothes. He has been working hard at McDonald’s. He is also going to school and looking for better jobs.

That would be great. Thanks.

I will be sure and leave out the good cookies for you on Christmas Eve. How about some homemade sugar cookies with icing? I will make one in the shape of you. If you would rather, I could whip up some chocolate chip or peanut butter. Anything you want.

Merry Christmas,


  1. I thought the girls already had the animal crossing game. And didn't I get Cathine that movie for her birthday...maybe that was #1 and I guess number three is at the movies now right? I may have an extra toaster I will check when I get home.

  2. They have Animal Crossing for the Gamecube and the DS not the Wii. That one hasn't even come out yet, but it will be out before Christmas. Catherine got High School Musical 1 for her birthday. Now she wants #2. #3 is still in theaters. If you have an extra toaster that would be super.


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