Friday, November 14, 2008

It’s Not Just Me

In recent weeks, I have seen things I never even considered. My bank, Washington Mutual, that had been in business over 100 years, went out of business. Then Mervyn’s, a store I have shopped at plenty of times, went out of business. At the same time, went Linen’s and Things. I recently saw a news article about a major Las Vegas casino that went bankrupt. I think it was the Tropicana. Then this week, Circuit City filed for bankruptcy. These are the kind of things that happened a long time ago, in another era. The Depression.

Is it any wonder I cannot find a stupid job? Both Mervyn’s and Circuit City had interviewed David. There are places that have signs up that say they are not hiring, stop asking. Places that are hiring are getting more applicants than they can quickly handle. People are losing jobs daily. They are letting people go at the plant where my brother works. He just bought a house and has a baby on the way. When Nicole was here, she said her dad just lost his job. Every place I go seems to be having the same problem. My mom’s office took down their job opening listing. That means now at a time when more people will be using her office, they are not hiring any new people. There will be more cases and less people to handle them. It seems counter productive, but they cannot afford to pay more people. Businesses are predicting a slow holiday season and are not even hiring as many seasonal employees as before.

The jobless rate for the country is going up. The sales for stores are going down. I read online that Starbucks profits dropped 97%. 97%!!!!! I am out there doing everything I can to get a job and be able to stay ahead of the bills. I am trying to take it one day at a time. It is not working.

Jobless Claims Hit 25 Year High, Imports Plunge


  1. this is one time i am truly thankful that ken is in the navy and has job security. it is scary how many places are closing or laying off half of their employees!

  2. Sometimes I think I should have joined... Too late now. Besides, I heard even the military is not enlisting folks like they used to due to budget cuts.

  3. It's hard to believe how bad it is out there. It seems like one big business goes bad then it hurts all of them. Here it's the auto industry. So many are out of work, so they can't shop, eat out or even pay for their homes. I'm thankful everyday for my job (as I sit here blogging). This Christmas is not going to be like past Christmas's for us. I guess it's just day by day for right now.

    On a happier note, I did give you a blogging award. Go check out my blog to see it.

  4. Yep things are bad everywhere, DHL caused a whole town in Ohio to be unemployed. Genreral Motors is looking for a government bail out. Mr Obama has his work cut out for him, because everyone will be looking to him to fix this.

  5. Unfortunately, I can't wait around for change. At the end of this month I get to decide if I want to pay the car payment or the rent. If I lose my car, I have no transportation, it goes on my credit and I lose the possibility of certain federal jobs. If I lose my house, then I am homeless. Wooo! I don't think change is going to come fast enough.

  6. you and the girls can come live on our couch!!!! i think maybe i should play the lottery so maybe i could win and share with you!


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