Friday, December 26, 2008

The Morning After

Christmas is over. In a way, I am glad. Why do the holidays always seem so stressful? Oh well, it was fun anyway. On Wednesday, we went to my brother’s house for Christmas Eve. We had a Mexican fiesta. Nicole made some very yummy tamales. That night we hung out with Allison so Joe and Nicole could run out for some last minute shopping. While they were gone, my dad called Allison as Santa. She was so excited. The look on her face was priceless. Her eyes got so huge. She was so good for the rest of the night too.

Yesterday morning, the girls got up around seven and proceeded to plow through their presents.

Carolynn and her new glass doll.

Catherine's new Wii Game

Rose from the movie Titanic

Catherine and a new book.

Catherine and her new Twister game

David got a waffle maker for Christmas (it was what he asked for) and he made everyone waffles. After the waffles and presents, we went to Chris, Sherri and Taylor’s for a Christmas visit. They got Catherine some really great cooking stuff. Real stuff, just for her to cook with. They got Carolynn some craft stuff. They got me a great popcorn maker. It will get much use.

After we left there, we went to my mom’s house. My Uncle Dan, Aunt Paveena and Alyssa came. We ate some ham. Aunt Paveena made wontons. They were soooo good. We got many nice gifts from everyone. Carolynn got the digital camera she wanted. She took over 50 pictures with it. We got plenty of movies. I got some nice sweaters. I listed it yesterday in my final installment of Thursday Thirteen. They are not having it anymore. I guess I am back to writing my own stuff on Thursday.

After we left my mom’s house, we came home and watched White Christmas. In the evening we had a nice dinner of roast beef. Then we watched The Dark Knight. That was David’s other present. It was okay. It was a bit dark for me.

It was a good day.

Today I had some work related stuff to do. I got a hair cut. It is much shorter now. I ran a few errands. I ate some leftovers. Carolynn has been playing Wii. Catherine is cleaning her room. David has to work. Now we are watching The Devil Wears Prada. Very girly.


  1. sounds like you had a great christmas. we went to the dells and had tons of fun for a few days. kayleigh asked for a porcelin doll similar to the one caralynn got but i dont think she is quite big enough yet. she would want to play with it. did you ever get our christmas card? if not, i think i am just going to send another one and we can pretend it isnt late!

  2. Yep. It was awesome. Sounds like you had a fun time too. Wisconsin Dells would be fun. Swimming and warm in December. Was it crowded? And I never got a Christmas card from you. I checked several times. Are you sure you had the right address?

  3. i will double check. i will go ahead and drop another one in the mail tomorrow. sorry about that! it wasnt to crowded up there until christmas eve and even then it wasnt to terrible. we had never been up there before. i will have to blog about our trip this weekend. lots of the stuff was closed because it was winter but it was soooo nice to play in the water park and watch it snow out the windows!

  4. Well your hair cut looked really good. It is short but very stylish it looks very cute. We had a good Christmas too and today I just relaxed....well kind of. I took my dad to the JC Pennys because he wanted to pick up some golf shirts on the after Christmas sale. They opened at 5:30 am.....we got got there at about 7:30...and he got his shirts.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful holiday all around.

  6. Sounds like you had a very busy very wonderful Christmas. That is great. The girls look very happy with their presents.


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