Saturday, December 06, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Today was a seriously busy day. I got up early and was at the Salvation Army by 7 AM. I got the buckets from yesterday counted. Then I went and delivered empty buckets to several other sites. After that, Catherine and I did the bell ringing for a couple of hours outside of the Stater Bros. I was there yesterday too. After we finished our bell ringing, we went to lunch at Burger King. This was a huge thing for us. It is a huge treat to eat out anymore. After lunch, we dropped David off at work. He has actually been sick the last few days, but he worked anyway. After we left him at McDonald’s, I dropped the kids at my mom’s house. She took them to do some Christmas shopping. While they were gone, I did some Christmas shopping. Then I came home, cleaned, and looked for jobs.

After the girls got back from their shopping, we headed off to meet Chris and Sherri at the Apple Valley Town Tree Lighting. It was a nice tree. Here are a few pictures from our event.

This is the best picture I could get of the tree. It really is a nice tree.

Catherine eating a bag of popcorn.

This is Taylor and Aunt Chris. This is also what happens when Catherine has the camera.

Aunt Sherri in this one. Another fine Catherine picture.

Carolynn all bundled up.

One last thing, Carolynn has been working really hard on her blog. She has posted four days in a row now. She is doing the Holidailies challenge to post everyday from December 5 to January 6. She REALLY wants people to comment. I told her she would get more comments if she left some for people. I believe she went and left comments on several of your blogs. (All our family blogs, Trisha’s and maybe Ashley too.) If you got Carolynn comments, can you please leave her some comments too? She is very excited about this and it would be nice for her to get some comments.

Tomorrow is Sunday, no bell ringing. I have some more bell stories, but those can wait for another day. Susan hasn’t been back yet.

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  1. I will have to go over and see what Carolynn has on her blog. I think it's great that she has one. It has been really cold here with lot of snow and ice.


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