Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Last week, while I was at work, the inmates were having some kind of enchilada casserole for dinner. Some of the other officers were eating it too. It looked pretty good but, I was feeling queasy that night. Tonight I decided to give it a go and make it myself. I layered corn tortillas smothered in enchilada sauce with cooked chicken, corn and cheese. It was sort of a Mexican lasagna. It was really good. We had rice and guacamole with it.

My mom got her new phone in the mail today. Tomorrow I will go over and help her get it all set up. Today I did laundry and cleaned. Tomorrow I am going off to work. I am sure I won’t have a dull day.


  1. Hey, that sounds pretty good!

  2. Hey you could call them inmate enchiladas.

  3. Nikki- It was good. I ate it for lunch too.

    Mom- That is what we will call it from now on.

  4. Wow! I take a couple weeks off and everything changes. lol Glad you were able to get your washer/dryer. I really hate the laundromat!!!!! Sounds like the job is going well. Congrats on that, too.

  5. I left you a little something on my blog...


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