Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Yesterday morning, I got up and my iPod wouldn’t turn on. I figured it needed a charge. I plugged it in to the computer to charge it. It said it was charging and it seemed fine. I left the house to go run some errands. When I got home, my iPod still wouldn’t turn on. It no longer said charging and my computer wasn’t even recognizing it. I took that to mean something was wrong with my iPod. I have only had that since December. I got it for Christmas. So, I took it back to the Best Buy. The girl was going to give me a new one, no problem. However, she decided to talk to the Geek Squad guy first, to see if he could see what was wrong with it. No sense in having to reload everything in it again. Turns out nothing was wrong with it. He turned it on. The battery was still low, but it worked perfectly. He said perhaps I was trying to turn it on while still connected to the computer and it won’t do that or maybe I didn’t hold the button down long enough. I felt like suck a dork. I took my non-broken iPod home. I sat down and turned on my computer and downloaded some new songs into my iPod. It seemed to be fine. I ejected my iPod and it was charged and loaded and fine. I went on to checking my e-mails and such when my computer said something had updated and it would need to restart. Okay, seems reasonable enough. The computer is new and updates certainly became available since it was programmed originally. So it restarted. Problem was… It never actually restarted. No matter what I did, the computer will not turn on. So obviously, the problem was not the iPod. It was the laptop. It still will not turn on this morning. Luckily, most of my stuff is backed up. Everything but my bank account registers. I spent hours balancing my check book the other day and now it is gone. I only have it through when I bought the computer. Now I have to start over from there again. That part sucks. But what sucks even worse is my computer, the one I bought on the 24th of January, less than 2 weeks ago, crashed. Of course I will return it to the Best Buy and of course they will give me a new one, but that is still stupid.

The dishwasher in our house has been broken since we moved in. They sent someone to fix it about two weeks after we moved in and it worked better but still not great. It makes a terrible loud noise when you use it, like a fork in a garbage disposal. It got worse and worse. The dishes never got clean in it. They sent another person out a few weeks ago and they said they needed to order a part. We never heard back. Yesterday morning, when I went to pay the rent, I mentioned that no one ever got back to us about the dishwasher. Yesterday afternoon, Midway Appliance called to set up delivery for today of a new dishwasher. Midway is where I bought my washer and dryer. So today, between 1 and 3, we should have a new dishwasher. The rental agency we use generally does a fabulous job. This house is older and was empty for a long time before we moved in. It was bound to have some problems. But they ensure everything gets taken care of. They have to go through the owner of course, which is usually the hold up for things, but they never forget and usually take care of it as soon as they can.

Anyway, yesterday and today are my days off from work. Work is going better. I am getting the hang of it. Once you get past the part where they are a bunch of felons, it isn’t bad. You just stick to the schedule and keep an eye out of anything unusual. Before you know it, it is time to go home.

We never did find our cat. We tried the shelters several times. We asked the neighbors. We looked all over. We miss her. Carolynn still thinks we should go get a new cat, but I don’t want a new cat. I want my cat. Since we can’t find her, I guess we are just down to 1 cat, 2 dogs, and a turtle. Gibby is enough for like 10 pets anyway with all his energy.

Well, the Best Buy should be open soon and I have lots to do. Why does it seem like days off are almost harder work than days on?


  1. I had something similar happen to my iPod recently. It wouldn't charge at all. Come to find out, I needed to update quicktime or something on the computer then it would let me charge the thing. It was weird. Sorry to hear about your laptop though. Ours is messed up too (the screen).

    I'm just heartbroken for you over your kitty. Do you think someone may have taken her in?

    P.S. I left you an award on my blog. =)

  2. I know that feeling well. If I have a couple of days off I am running around trying to get things done or running grandpa around. I need a day off from my

  3. Pam- I hope that someone took her in. I just don't know why someone would find a cat who was obviously well taken care of, wearing a collar, and with a microchip wouldn't bother to try and find out where they belong. Wouldn't they think of the family that might be missing her?


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