Sunday, February 08, 2009


Nikki at made this fabulous new design. I think it is very cute and springy. Nikki is a very sweet person and I like her blog very much. I always like blogs that update frequently, don't say the same old stuff, and when the blog writer actually responds to comments. Nikki does all of that, as does her girlfriend Ashley, who has a nice blog called Mutts N' More. I hope you all enjoy the new look.

Today I went to San Manuel with my parents and my grandpa. It was fun, but there aren't as many penny machines there and I lose my money a lot quicker with nickles. We ate at a restaurant there and I had some pork tenderloin that was good. Sometimes pork can be dry, but this one was not. My days off didn't come together this week, so I go back to work tomorrow. I have next Saturday off too.


  1. Oh you are such a sweetheart! I try to reply back to comments though I've been slacking lately. I'm glad you like the design and if you find any problems with it, let me know. You rock, Jennifer! This looks great.

  2. I like the new design. Very cute and fresh looking.

  3. Nikki- I had told you if you ever made blogger designs I'd try them. I like it. It looks like spring which is good on a day like today when it is cold and snowy.

    Trisha- I thought t was a good time for a little change.


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