Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Downey Softness

… was not present in my new uniform pants. I got them in the mail on Friday. I did not wash them since I do not own a washer and dryer. They were itchy and gave me a rash. My new boots were stiff and gave me huge blisters. Nevertheless, I made it through my first day. Now, I have two days off.

The girls spent the day with my mom. She took them shopping and to a movie. Catherine is in a little trouble. She was supposed to shower and be ready when my mom arrived, and she was not. I told her to shower and she did not. She put on the same dirty clothes. I hung a sign in the bathroom to remind her what needs to be done and she didn’t follow directions. Therefore, when I got home, I made her shower and do some chores.

Carolynn wasn’t dressed and ready either, but she is having a rough day. Cleo, her cat, is missing. Carolynn and David saw her yesterday morning. We were getting ready to leave and we could not find her. We figured she was just hiding. She does that. She does not like to go outside. No one saw her go outside. Therefore, we left. When we got home last night, she was not here. We looked everywhere, but it was dark and she is dark. Today David and the girls looked everywhere, but we have not found her. The girls thought that they heard her this evening, but again, it was dark. I know we will find her soon. We rescued her from the pound. She is a tough kitty.

We made burritos for dinner. They were so good. My mom made beef noodle. I will eat some tomorrow.

My parents and Grandpa are going to Pala tomorrow. I am sure they will have fun.

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  1. A rash and blisters?? That sucks. At least you had a couple days to recover from them though.

    I really hope you find Cleo. She's a neat cat.

    Also, you need to send me all your recipes for Mexican food. I need MEXICAN food and I need it BAD!!


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