Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Justice League

My uniforms have started to arrive. All I am missing is my shirts. My jacket says Department of Justice. Catherine said it says Justice League, you know, like the super heroes comic. Now that my class is finished, and I passed with the highest score in the class, I now start officially. I work a variety of shifts this week; some day, some evening, and some over night. I get Monday and Tuesday off. Workweeks run Sunday through Saturday. I have today off too. Tomorrow I work a day shift.

Today I am taking Catherine to softball sign ups. I have a few errands to run. We will clean the house. We are having lasagna for dinner. Tomorrow we are having burritos. I just have to zip over to my brother’s house to get my pot.

That is all for now.

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  1. Will you get a set schedule at some point? It seems like it would be hard to be changing from days to nights in one week. Hope your shirt comes in. Great job coming in first in your class!


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