Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My car battery died again. It was the original one that came in the car. I got that car in February 2005. Most car batteries last only 3 years max. Therefore, my mom had to come to the rescue this time. She drove me to work, picked me up from work, and called AAA to come start the car so I could go buy a new battery. Now I am all set.

This week has been much more difficult that last week. Last week, we sat around and learned from books. This week, we are out doing some on the job training. There are some interesting people in my line of work. Enough said. I learned quite a few more swear words and interesting ways to combine them too. If you do not laugh about it, you will go nuts.

I think it is my sense of humor that keeps me sane most of the time. I can always find humor in a situation. Not just at work, but all that time unemployed, I probably would have been nutty as a fruitcake… Well nuttier than usual. In addition, much like today, when the car is broken and I have to get to work. I could have freaked out, but instead I just got help. That is what people do. If you need help, ask for it. People who try to take it all on themselves are the people that have heart attacks at young ages, never have fun, and are miserable and unhappy. I never want to be one of those people. Sure, I want to be self sufficient, but I am not an island. I do not need help for everything, but I certainly could not have gotten to this place alone or without my sense of humor.

Tomorrow is my last day of classes. Friday we have weapons introduction. Then we are on the schedule for real. We will shadow people for a while, and then they shove us in on our own.

My uniforms still have not arrived. Most will be here on Friday. I need to wear them. My boots came in and I have not had a chance to go get them. Tomorrow I will.

That is all for now people. Until I return…


  1. I hate car problems! I glad to hear you were able to get it fixed fast. My 19 year old is trying to do everything on his own and not ask for help from anyone. I try to explain to him that his family is here for him and that he should ask for help when he needs it. I'm sure he will learn.

    Good luck with your weapons training.

  2. I think it's time to go to bed. I read that sentence as "my boobs came in" instead of "my boots came in." I was beginning to wonder just what kind of job you had taken. lol


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