Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I got home from Palm Springs this morning. Grandpa and I left about 8:20 this morning. We stopped at Smart & Final on the way home. He wanted to pick up some burritos. He likes the brand from Smart & Final because when he was working they used to sell those on the lunch trucks that would come around to the job sites. He got a box for Carolynn too. He thought she might enjoy some. Then we got some gas. He said my car isn't nearly as fuel efficient as my moms. That didn't stop him from planning a trip to Laughlin. We can go in April and my dad can go too.

After I got home, I was out running errands. I went to the bank. I went to Target for some cleaning supplies. I went to Best Buy to find a laptop case. I can't find one that fits. Then I went over to PetSmart to get some cat food. I mentioned to David, that we have had the same amount of cat food at home for weeks. He said Kitty hasn't been eating. She has also been acting strange. I decided that she was lonely. Since we lost Cleo, perhaps she was just feeling sad. So I decided we should get another cat. David and I went to the shelter and a cute little kitty adopted us. She is black and white so we called her Betty Boop. Here is a picture.

After we got home and we were getting Betty all set up, I figured out why Kitty hasn't been eating. Her food was bad. The container we keep it in had no lid. Carolynn said she had broken it weeks ago. Second, she had a huge bowl of it. It was all stale and gross. I hooked her up with a fresh bowl of new food and she chowed down. She wasn't lonely. She was starving. Oh well, Betty is here now. She seems happy too. Carolynn was excited. Cleo was her cat.

Tomorrow I go back to work. Only a few days until I leave for Georgia.


  1. Awww ... cute photo! I wish I wasn't allergic to cats. They really are so sweet.

  2. she looks like the "First Kitty" when Bill and Hillary were in the white house they had a black and white cat.......I do not remember her name.....

  3. I think the Clinton's cat was called Socks.

  4. Thats right it was socks


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