Monday, March 02, 2009

A Day With Grandpa

Finding Grandpa in a casino is like looking for a specific piece of straw in a barn. Do you have any idea how many old dudes are in a casino at any given time? He owns a cell phone, but he doesn’t carry it. (Sometimes he carries it at home if he left my Aunt a message and he is waiting for her to call back. He said she doesn’t call back.)

When I last left you, I was on my way to check on Grandpa and go to the pool. I did that. I try and check Grandpa every hour or so. Sometimes I see if he is winning big. Sometimes I play next to him for a little while. Sometimes I just see where he is and that he is still here and go back to what I was doing. I sat by the pool and listened to my iPod and read for awhile. I started getting a bit pink. I came inside so I didn’t burn. I played a few more slots and chatted up some folks.

Old folks are chatty. I leaned more than I needed to about the lives of various old folks here at the casino. Grandpa is chatty too. He told me about times he won on slots in Pahrump. He told me about going to Laughlin. He liked it, but it was cold. I could get us a room at the Aquarius in Laughlin in the Spring. I have never been and I know a place I can get a room for free. I will check into it on Wednesday. Grandpa said it looked nice and it was new. I also learned from Grandpa that his insurance no longer covers his old doctor and now he has to go to a new one in Victorville. That means no more doctors appointments down the hill, and going to San Manual after. Another interesting Grandpa fact I learned today: He has a card in his wallet to tell about his pacemaker. It has the serial number and everything. Yep, I saw it. He said it is so if something happens to him, then people will know about his pacemaker. Also, in case he is going through security at the airport, he can prove it to guards. He said that never happened though. Guards just take his word for it. I guess he has an honest look. I probably would take his word for it too. He’s an old dude. But I am more wary now. There are old dudes in prison too.

Anyway, after I played slots and chatted with folks, Grandpa and I went to the deli and split a tuna sandwich. He says he doesn’t eat as much as he used to, that is why we should just split a sandwich. I can guarantee he could have easily ate the whole thing. He ate the half, the potato salad and the pickles. I would be willing to bet money he goes there in the middle of the night/early in the morning and eats again. Then when I get up, he will eat breakfast. But he doesn’t eat like he used to.

After the sandwiches, I sat at the bar and played video poker. That is my favorite thing to do in the casinos. You play 1 quarter at a time, you aren’t just spinning the slots, and the bartender keeps your soda full. Best of all, you can play for a long time without going broke. I put $10.00 in, played for an hour and a half, and took out $8.00. Now I am relaxing in the room. Grandpa is asleep. He went to bed about an hour ago. He will probably be back up very early. Oh well, whatever makes him happy.

I am looking into getting m blog updated. Nikki made this cute sheep design, but I asked her if she could possibly make something more me specific. She has started a web design business. Check it out at

Catherine had her softball practice tonight. She said she did a lot of running.

That is all for now. I think I will take a swim in this giant tub.


  1. That tub looks amazing! Normally I'm not one for a bath but a jacuzzi style swimming pool of a bath like that I think I'd enjoy! Also, your use of "old dude" so many times made me laugh.

  2. I hope Grandpa is winning! You can get rooms in laughlin pretty cheap, when we went on super bowl sunday I paid 19.00 a night at the Colorado Belle. It is an older hotel so no plasma TV but it was fine, they had a lot of penny slots. It was cold and windy so we did not walk along the river to some of the other casinos but if the weather is nice you can walk along on the river walk to the next casino or you can take the boat up or down the river.
    The Aquarius is new, I think it was the flamingo back in the day, and it has been all re-done. We went in it when we were there. They have a deal where the room is 39.00 a night and you get a free meal and some casino cash, The rooms do have plasma TV and stuff.
    Grandpa is pretty easy to find in the morning when there are not many people in the casino.....but when there are a lot of old dudes...he does tend to blend right in. I used to get all worried if he wandered off but, heck how far can he go it is only one casino and he will find you if he wants to go eat.
    In laughlin he will stay in what ever hotel we are staying at, he will wander about and tell me where all the good machines are, if we go to a different hotel we go together.....You have hung out with grandpa at quite a few of his favorite casinos...Pala, The Pahrump Nugget, Saddle West, that little casino in near pala where you only have to be 18...even sarah went there with us. You are a casino expert......

  3. Ash- Well they ARE old dudes. Silly. And that tub was fantastic.

    Mom- I know. Pretty soon I will have been to a full spectrum of Grandpa approved casinos.


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