Monday, March 02, 2009

Golden Goose

The Golden Goose is a slot machine my mom likes. I can’t find it. It was here last time. I thought I found it, but I didn’t. About a third of the machines here are closed up. I didn’t find the one I liked with the Lucky Meercats or Lucky Lemmings either. There are still plenty of slot machines available here at Agua Caliente in fabulous Palm Springs. Grandpa and I left about 8:00 this morning. We were here by 10:00. The room wasn’t ready when we got here, so Grandpa wandered off to play his favorite slots. He wanted to play a Zeus one. I sat outside for a while. It is in the 80’s here. Then I played a cool Indiana Jones game. I liked it. After that, I tried a Hawaiian game. It was okay. Then we had some lunch. Grandpa had some ham and eggs and I had a salad. Later we are going to get some tacos.

Our room was ready, so we checked in and now I am watching TV and relaxing. Grandpa is where Grandpa likes to be. He is having a good time. I am relaxing. I think I will go see what Grandpa is doing and maybe sit by the pool and relax.


  1. Well I hope that you are having a great time. Catherine did good at her baseball practice she may not be the best player but she is the most enthusiastic.

  2. Catherine said they did a lot of running. She loved it anyway.


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