Monday, February 23, 2009


Yep, I said it. It has been an interesting time at my job to say the least. I am sick of men. All men. Prisoners and employees alike. Men are stupid pigs. David is probably packing as I type this. He did get a one way ticket to Texas. Maybe he will stay there because he thinks I have lost my mind. That is all I have to say. That and it is very funny. If I didn’t find humor in my job, I would have quit already.

Carolynn’s grounding is going along filled of drama. (“I can’t do anything. I guess I will just stay in my bed.”) She missed going to the movies with my mom over the weekend because of her grounding. My mom took Catherine to see Coraline. Speaking of movies, we got our Netflix back on. I canceled it when we moved and we were broke anyway. We have watched several movies. Definitely, Maybe was okay and Burn After Reading was not super great. It had some funny parts though. The Coen brothers make some great movies; I just didn’t care for this one. Fargo, Raising Arizona, and O Brother Where Art Thou were funny. Today we should be getting Changeling.

Today I was out doing some shopping and I stopped by to tell my Grandpa I had next Monday and Tuesday off and see if he wanted to go anywhere. If there is a casino, he wants to go there. He had some free rooms at Agua Caliente so I am taking him. We will go on Monday and come home Tuesday. The Monday after that I leave for Georgia.

On Sunday Nicole is having a baby shower. I will go there after work. I hope my nephew gets a load of goods. (And some stuff for Allison too, because being a big sister is an important job.)

Well, I am off. My days off are often filled with cleaning, shopping and errands.


  1. I've been running across a few dud movies on my Netflix lately. I think these are ones that I kept shoving to the bottom of teh queue but eventually worked their way to the top. Now I know why they were at the bottom.
    I'm waiting for a few Oscar-nominated ones to be released so hopefully those will be good.

  2. I know. There are so many ones to see when they come out. I can't wait. We haven't watched Changeling yet. We also have Ghosttown and have No Country For Old Men on the way.


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