Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Looking For Love

Okay I am not a big fan of the gossip papers. I really don't care which celebrity is doing which other celebrity. Frankly, I think those tabloids take away from celebrities being able to make movies or TV shows, or music or whatever it is they are famous for doing. Except for Paris Hilton who is famous for doing nothing and if I never hear about it again that would be super...

Anyway, we all know Lindsey Lohan has had some personal issues, but at least she has a sense of humor about it. I happened across this today and it cracked me up. Enjoy.


  1. I saw this on Good Morning America, but it was cut in with pictures of her passed out in the car, etc. A bit frenetic. It's funnier without all the extras.

    PS Congrats on graduating from your training.

  2. I figured, at least she has a sense of humor about herself. Perhaps that is a sign things are going better in her young life. It must be hard being young and famous.


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