Friday, April 10, 2009

The Adventures Of Glyncow

It is probably best you read the post titled "Officer of the Law" on Tropical Fruit before you read this one. It would probably make more sense.

As many of you already know, Catherine is a big fan of cows. While I was in Georgia, I cam across a stuffed cow wearing a BOP shirt that said Glynco, Georgia. I don't remember who had the idea, but we came up with a plan to take the cow with us on our last day in Georgia and take his picture. We named him Glyncow, since he was from Glynco. Join his adventures...

Here we have Glyncow in my hotel room.

Here he is enjoying a bagel in the dining hall.

Here he is on my desk.

Here we have the cow on Samantha's car.

Here is Glyncow visiting Monica's class.

I have a lot of pictures of Glyncow with people like this. All of these are Victorville people.

Here he is hanging out on the wall outside the classrooms waiting for graduation to start.

The cow on the stairs to the classrooms.

Here is the cow guarding all of our bags.

Here we have Glyncow on the bus with Samantha and Shaun. Shaun has a picture of the cow in his phone.

Here he is with Geis at a Mexican restaurant we went to after graduation.

Glyncow on Shaun's car at the bowling alley.

Glyncow hanging out with Shaun while he plays some air hockey.

Here he is with Daniel and Geis at the bowling alley.

Here is Glyncow on the bowling alley.

Here is Glyncow with a few friends. My roommate Geis bought his friends to take home with her.

Here he is on the final leg of his journey. In the airport getting ready to go home. He had fun. Catherine loves him.

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