Friday, May 15, 2009

Stuff That Happened And I Forgot To Mention

Carolynn’s wrist is fine. After her trip to the doctors and an x-ray, turns out she just had a bad sprain. They gave her a brace to wear until it felt better.

Let’s see… Oh it was Correctional Workers Week last week. It ended with the festival I took Allison and Catherine to. There was a bunch of prizes given away all week and lots of free food. I am still rocking the midnight to 8 am shift. I am not a fan, but it’s my job and someone has to do it. Here is a work related story for you to read. Just for your information on what exactly my job includes.

Having A Bad Day

May 3 was Trisha and Casey’s Anniversary. Congratulations… Better late than never.

Catherine’s softball has been going good. She isn’t the best player, but she likes going. He team is doing really well. They are in first place with the final game tomorrow. However, they are going to be playing some post season championship games. I will try and post that information when I get it.

Mother’s Day was rather uneventful. I took a potted plant to my mom and we stopped by to visit Chris and Sherri. We went to the Best Buy to buy Carolynn an iPod. Yes, I know it was Mother’s Day, but here is what happened…

Someone important forgot Carolynn’s birthday. (It wasn’t me.) She was pretty pissed. As a matter of fact, she asked for permission to swear about it and used the words asshole and douche bag. Teenagers…. Anyways, when it was pointed out that the birthday was forgotten, again, as this is an occurring theme, a gift card was sent. However, this same person doesn’t know Carolynn very well and sent her a $50 iTunes gift card, somehow assuming she just had an iPod. (They should have asked before they bought such a specific gift.) I pointed this out to them, but to no avail. I have an iPod so I was just going to trade her $50. But she was so disappointed. When she got the gift card she was very hopeful that an iPod would be soon to follow. She had already been disappointed so frequently by the gift card sender that I couldn’t stand to see her disappointed anymore. I bought her the little iPod Shuffle. (The old one. The new one looks like a stick of gum.) It is blue and looks like it is half of my Nano. It doesn’t have a screen. But she really loves it. Plus she got to use the girt card to download a bunch of junk.

Anyways, speaking of birthday’s… My Grandma had a birthday on the 13th. I think she may have been on vacation in Florida. My Aunt Christine had birthday on the 14th. I wonder if she did anything NASCAR related? Is there even NASCAR right now? I have no idea.

Also on the 14th, Catherine went on a field trip with her class. I have no pictures, but she said she had fun. They went to the Mojave Narrows. David went with her class as a chaperone. He led a team of 6 kids on a nature adventure. Their team was called The Squirrels. They learned about Indians, beavers, and plants and had a presentation from the Big Bear Zoo. David really enjoyed the park and is hoping we can go camping there and go horseback riding there soon. Maybe if I ever get days off that make sense.

That is about all. I have to work tonight or tomorrow morning, however you want to say it. Tomorrow Catherine has her ball game. Carolynn is going to a birthday party. David has to work. I have to go to the tire store and then back to work again. Perhaps I can get some sleep in there somewhere.


  1. Lots of stuff going on in your world. Thanks for the update. (I worked night shift for 2-3 weeks once. I feel your pain.)

  2. I know. I can't believe how busy I am. I am working on my 9th week on this shift. I am soooo tired.


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