Thursday, May 28, 2009

We Are The Champions

Tonight was the city championship game for Catherine's softball team. They finished the season in first place last week, tonight they played for the city championship against the A's, who finished the season in 2nd. It was a nail biter of a game. We started of strong with a 5 to nothing lead, but they made a comeback and it was A's 7 and Dodgers 5 with two innings to go. We held them at 7 and took the lead 9 to 7. The last inning we scored 4 runs and there was no point in the A's taking their last at bat. We were ahead by more than 5 and you can only score 5 runs in an inning. The Dodgers are Apple Valley City Champions!

Here they are receiving their championship trophies. The say Softabll on them, but they don't care. They are champions!

This is Catherine with her BFF Alex. They are in the same class and Alex's mom is one of Catherine's teachers. Alex is obviously on the other team. They got #2 trophies.

Here we have Catherine and her two trophies. The smaller one is for the season and the big one is for being the city champs.

Carley's parents own a shirt shop and made these shirts as gifts. Each of the girls on the team got one, and David and I got them too.

We had a great time. This was a fun season. I can't imagine a better team and for Catherine's first sport. She is very excited about playing again. It was a great group of kids. We met a lot of very cool people, the parents were awesome. I hope we get to all play together again. Here is a video of their season. I made a similar one for the team and burned it on DVD for all the kids. Go Dodgers!


  1. that's great! Go Catherine and her team.

  2. Great job Caterine. What a way to end a season. The kid's must of been on cloud 9!


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