Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Catherine’s softball team ended in first place. This Thursday they will be playing in the championship game. There might be one more game after that. They are having their team party on Saturday. I think Catherine had a good season. She is not the best player. She jumps when the ball is pitched to her. She is regularly out in the outfield picking the grass or watching the clouds. But she seems to enjoy going to the games and practices. Besides, she needs the exercise. I think I will continue to sign her up to play.

I have been off for the last two days. I got some stuff done. I don’t think I will have another day off for awhile. Last night I made a baked chicken and some blackberry crumble. It was a good dinner and dessert. We ate the crumble warm with vanilla ice cream. Tonight I am making burgers and fries.

The weather is sure feeling like summer. I took Gibby to the park for a bit so he can run on the grass. I threw the ball for a bit until it got too hot. Now I am watching HGTV and folding laundry. I plan to get some lunch soon.

Excited are you?

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