Friday, July 31, 2009

The 10th year of me

AAAAAH!NOT SCHOOL!!School is starting in about 2 days and I don't want to go because Tehya moved away.I got new shoes, clothes, and school stuff.I'm shocked that I cleaned my room a week or two ago and its still clean. I think this is going to be a awesome year.(I think)Elvis turned 8 this month.(I think)I'm turning 10 in a month.I already know what I want.Well, if you wanna know what I want here is a list:

Littlest Pet Shop
1.Pets Only Clubhouse
2.Round and Round Pet Town
3.Fitness Center
4.Teeniest Tiniest Pet Shop
5.Digital Pet
6.Pet Bakery
7.V.I.P. Pet
2.Zoo Tycoon 2 ultimate collection
3.Deluxe membership on webkinz
1.Duck big kinz
2.Pink Googles big kinz
3.Dolphin big kinz

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