Sunday, August 09, 2009

Highly Recommended

They changed my hours last night from midnight to 8 to 10pm to 6am. So I got home two hours early. Now I am off until Tuesday night. Yesterday morning I stopped at Jack In The Box and got breakfast for me and the girls. I had this Chorizo egg burrito and it was so good. Carolynn wanted one, but I had got her the croissant sandwich she likes. So this morning I stopped and got her the burrito. She got up early and ate it and went directly back to bed. It is good, but a little spicy. I highly recommend it.

After I enjoyed my morning sleep, Catherine and I went to the Best Buy to see if I had a warranty on my camera, which had been broken since Catherine’s softball championships. As it turns out, I did still have a warranty, so they are sending it out for repair. If it cannot be repaired, then I get a new one. This is why I love Best Buy and always buy my electronics there and get the warranty. It is so worth it. Just another thing I highly recommend.

Yesterday Catherine signed up for the fall softball season. It is a non-competitive season. She should have fun and get her more improved for the spring season. It was also cheaper. After the softball sign ups, we went for ice cream at McDonald’s and then to PetsMart for the dog food. They were having a pit bull adoption drive there. They had some really pretty dogs there. But Pit Bulls are very difficult. They have a lot of high energy and require a lot of handling. They are not my kind of dogs. I got my Gibby. After the PetsMart, we went to the Winco for the food. I had a craving for old fashioned root beer barrels. I got a big bag of them.

The girls completed their first week of school. They are enjoying it so far. We didn’t end up going to this week’s concert in the park. It was just so windy. Also, I was going to meet some friends there and one of them had a death in the family. I was so sad for her.

Earlier I was doing some laundry and I got new laundry soap. It’s Gain Apple Mango Tango. It smells so good and then it gets the clothes really clean. I highly recommend it too.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter or are my Facebook friends, you already know we have an announcement coming on Tuesday. Come back tomorrow for a little hint.

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