Thursday, August 20, 2009

Middle of Harry Potter 2

This week I read about:Harry and Ron were flying a car to school!Yes they were! Harry and Ron missed the train to school and had to fly there.When they got there they got in big trouble from Professor Snape the least favorite teacher in the whole school. Professor Lockheart ,the newest teacher, is so annoying to Harry,Ron,and Hermione.And there's this new kid named Collin who's annoying Harry all day.Draco Malfoy an the Slytherin quiditch team have Nimbus Two Thousand and One while the Griffindor team has Nimbus Two Thousands.WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!!!!Apparently a lot to the Slytherin team.Ron barfed slugs.Harry got invited to a deathday party were they met poor Myrtle who lives in a toilet in the girls bathroom.That's all until the ending next week.

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