Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nights To Days

I have realized that I have been neglecting this here blog. Yep, I know there are few readers even left at this point. But, for you few that have stayed, I am sorry. I think I have realized what the problem is. See, when we lived in San Diego, I used to write about my job and fun stuff I did on the weekend. When that ended and I moved to the desert, I was writing about the move, the new area, the hunt for the new job. Then there was some small adventures we took along the way… The LA County Fair, trips to Las Vegas and Palm Springs. Then there were the thrills of finding that job and the super adventure to Georgia for training. But now… I work. I work strange hours. I work a lot. I haven’t time or money for fun trips. I can’t write about work, because most of my day is not for public viewing, and trust me, you don’t want to know. I occasionally post newspaper articles that are work related, but that is about it.

Anyway, I intend on changing that. Now that I am done working the midnight shift for the rest of this year, I have more time and energy. We were going to try and take a vacation to San Francisco, but I was unable to get vacation time. So instead we are going to take a camping trip. We leave first thing on October 6 and return the next evening. We will be camping at Yucaipa Regional Park, right outside of Oak Glen. There is a lake and hiking, as well as the apple picking and fall beauty of Oak Glen. It should be a fun time.

Catherine should start softball again soon. Carolynn was going to sign up, but she opted to get her nails done instead. She is still driving me nuts. She as band issues. She has PMS. She has pimples. She has attitude. She has terrible friends. It’s just a super fun ball of excitement. If you know where I can take her to have her adjusted or traded in, I’d appreciate it.

Tonight I am making fish for dinner. I am on a healthy kick. I finally have the time and energy to try and eat better. I feel a little better the last couple days.

Anyway, there is much to do. I will try and get more stuff on here. Maybe I will pick up a couple of new memes. That will help.

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