Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Randomness Of My Life

Carolynn was unable to get an alto saxophone for band this year. So she got a baritone saxophone. It’s like three times the size. I have to drive her back and forth to school to get her and the instrument to and from school. At first, she had a flute, but that was way too different from the saxophone and she was having trouble playing it. Anyway, she made up some story about how she was being forced into playing some flute and I went to the school and found out she was full of it and the teacher found her a saxophone.

Carolynn has been a giant pain in the butt the last few weeks. She rolls her eyes when I am talking to her, refuses to do chores, didn’t care that she didn’t pass her 7th grade state tests, is extra mean to her sister… The list could go on forever. So at this point, she is grounded. There are no friends and no other activities until this behavior stops. She has only until tomorrow night to get her chores done or she will miss the fall softball season. All school sports were canceled so she was going to sign up for softball. Tomorrow night is the last registration date. She also is in danger of losing her cell phone, iPod, laptop and TV.

Catherine is already signed up for softball this fall. She is very excited to play. She has all her softball equipment organized and ready. Practices will probably start right after Labor Day. She is hoping she gets to play with some of her friends. Her friend Tehja moved away this summer, so she was bummed about that. She has made some new friends at school though. She even walked over to one of her friends houses last night to do homework together.

Catherine has been exceptionally good lately. Actually, I am starting to wonder who stole the real Catherine and replaced her with this alien. Her room stays clean, she gets her homework done, and she does her chores. If anyone has seen the real Catherine, please let me know.

I only have 4 more days on the midnight shift. Then I get a month working 8 to 4 and then a month working 6-2. Working 6-2 is my favorite shift. Also, I will have Tuesdays and Wednesdays of for the next two months. I am just glad the midnights shift is over, for now anyway. I will find out my schedule for the rest of the year in a few weeks. Then I will know what I will be working on the holidays.

Drizella, our new puppy, is settling in nicely with just a few minor problems. First, she likes to use Gibby as a chew toy. Gibby likes to play with her, but does not appreciate her trying to carry him around like a puppy. Gibby has been trying to steal all of Drizella’s chews. We give her rawhides and bones that are her size and Gibby takes them. They are too big for Gibby but he drags them off and lays on them. Another problem is Drizella thinks she and Gibby are the same size. When I come home, Gibby gets excited and jumps on me so I will pick him up. Drizella tries to do that and I get knocked over. She is a good dog and she is smart and has been easy to train. Someone else must have housebroken her, because she hasn’t had a single accident. I have taught her to sit, lie down and shake hands (paws). Just FYI, Gibby sits, lays down, jumps, sits up, dances and just about has roll over down. Gibby also wears clothes, sleeps with me in my bed, and goes with me in the car. Last year he got a Cowboys jersey for football season. He out grew that, he was just a puppy then. He has a Dodger’s jersey for baseball season. Maybe I should get him a new football shirt. What team should he sport this season? Should we get him a tiny basketball jersey too? What team?

The door to the garage broke. Last time it was the big garage door, this time it is the door that leads from the house to the garage. This house is old and always needs something. I am looking forward to buying my own house, perhaps soon. Probably in the spring time though. They are supposed to be here to repair the door this morning.

I know there haven’t been as many pictures around here, but my camera is still in the shop. If someone wanted to give me a super cool new camera, that would be great. A nice Nikon would be super. I should have my old camera back soon, or else a comparable replacement.

That covers everything I can think of for now.

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  1. I remember my mother always telling me that I turned into a "strange creature" when I was in 7th grade. Maybe there is just something about that age (?).

    Did you post pictures of the new puppy or did I miss those? I hope your camera is able to be fixed. I was going to get a new one a c few months ago but was really overwhelmed with choices.


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