Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I was thinking it might have been busy at work today. I am working in visiting and this was an extra visiting day. (We usually only do visiting Saturday, Sunday and Monday plus all federal holidays. Today is not a federal holiday.) But it was quiet. I understand it was quiet yesterday too. I am thinking tomorrow and Sunday are going to b packed. I will be working visiting for the next few weeks, so I am thinking it will be a busy time of year for visiting prisoners. The best part is the three days off every week. The down side is the 10 hour days.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. (Duh.) We had a good Thanksgiving. We went and spent the day with our friends Mary and Tonya. The food was so good. They made a huge turkey and all the proper side dishes. They made rutabagas, which I don’t remember ever having before in my life, but were good and tasted familiar. Carolynn liked them too. The down side to our fabulous feast… The stomach flu.

Monday, Catherine was sent home from school sick. Really early Wednesday (or late Tuesday depending) I came down with it. David didn’t make it through Wednesday before he got it too. We were all feeling pretty much better on Thursday, but I didn’t eat much of anything and neither did David. Thanksgiving is all about the food! And it was so good, but I just couldn’t do it. David felt worse than I did and he feels worse about not eating it. He hates that.

The company for the day was wonderful though. This was the first time we had been to Mary and Tonya’s house. We really haven’t known them very long. But I really liked them right from the start. Usually, I don’t like people. People as a whole are crazy. I get uncomfortable around new people. I am never sure how to act. I am basically anti-social. Weird? Yep, especially for a gal with a degree in communications… yeah that is public speaking. I can speak in public. That is different than making friends. Yeah, I work in a prison and have to interact with people all day… but they are prisoners. I don’t have to like them. In fact, it is discouraged in a big way. (Besides, who wants to befriend a felon? Really.) It’s still not the same and making friends. Mary and Tonya are great people. Their kids are super. We really enjoyed hanging out with them. Heck, we didn’t get home until nearly midnight. It really was a great Thanksgiving. Thanks Mary and Tonya and the kids for sharing your Thanksgiving with us.

Now that I am feeling better, I so want a turkey dinner. So we are going to cook one on Tuesday. It will be fun. With my job, we are going to be flexible with our holiday plans. I may have to work on Christmas. I don’t know yet.

Our volunteering at the Salvation Army isn’t doing so well. David and I each rang one evening and I did the morning count one day. But we have been so sick it has been impossible to keep up. Hopefully next week we will be back on track.

I think there was more I wanted to say, but I can’t remember it. I am tired and going to bed.

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