Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Halloween Surprise

On Friday, David, the girls and I were going to go to a pumpkin carving party at David’s Friends house. Unfortunately, David’s friend’s kids got the swine flu and the party was canceled. I felt so bad for them. Their party was canceled, the kids won’t get to trick or treat, and they have to be sick. Poor things. Anyway, since I had already taken the evening off, and we already had cupcakes and snacks we had made to take to the party, we figured we’d invite some friends over. Tabi came and brought the boys and Jackie and Alan came and brought their nieces. Taylor came too. There was video game playing and snacks and chit chat. It was a pleasant evening. Not exactly the evening we had planned, but it turned out pretty good in the end.

Yesterday, Catherine had her last softball game of the season. They had fun. They made it 4 innings before they called the mercy rule. After the game, Catherine’s friend Katelyn came over. There was pumpkin carving. David made a Transformer, Catherine made a cat, and Carolynn made Jack Skellington. After te pumpkins were carved, they got in their costumes. Carolynn went as Mrs. Lovitt from Sweeney Todd and Catherine as a vampire. Catherine’s costume was quite the predicament. We didn’t find out until Thursday night, that the collar was missing from her costume. On Friday, I went to Party City to exchange it, but they were all out of that one and out of all other vampire costumes. So I looked at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and Target for a vampire cape. No dice. Then I remembered I had an old adult sized vampire cape in the garage. So I cut the bottom off of it. Done. Carolynn did the makeup and they were off. David took Carolynn to her friend’s house and Catherine to Joe and Nicole’s house so she could Trick or Treat with Allison. I hope they had a good time. I was at work, and I was up before them all this morning.

Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo. I am making another fabulous attempt and blogging everyday for a month. This will be my third year. And to start it off, I am working 16 hours today, so I can’t add any cool pictures from last night because I will be in prison. Way to start off. Better than last year’s start… Which was windy and rainy and I spent the day searching desperately for a job in the rain with my mom. (on the plus side, we had some really good coffee.)

Until tomorrow, unless I work another double… then NaBloPoMo will be over for me before it begins. But I will have extra money…


  1. I, too, am going to do the NaBlPoMo thing. And right now, for "some" reason, I'm wanting a cupcake.

  2. I'm on the NaBloPoMo ride this year too.

    Your party sounded fun and like you all had a good time.


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