Monday, November 09, 2009

Spelling words

1.The jewel sparkled.
2.If you use the shovel at an angle you don't get a deep hole.
3.I have a picture of a single,normal angel.
4.It is legal to whistle.
5.I want a fossil!
6."I like puzzles."said Allison.
7.I want a bushel of pie.
8.Let mortal toungs awake.
9.A panda is a gentle giant.
10.I wonder if level 83826906401 exists.
11.I want a labeler to label stuff.
12.Hey, that bike is missing a pedal.
13.My ankle hurts!!
14.We used to have several needles,but now we don't have any.
15.I was a devil one year for Halloween.

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